Craft. Collect. Battle.
BattleCraft: The Online Trading Card Game


BattleCraft is a free-to-play Online Trading Card Game (TCG) where you recruit and command Characters to wage battle across the fantasy world of Asteras

With more than 400 unique Character and Support cards to choose from across five very uniquely designed factions, BattleCraft allows you to build your team from an assortment of cool creatures of myth and fantasy!

You can build your decks and pit them against the extensive PvE challenges the game provides, trade with other players, or simply challenge them to battle through the game's arenas. Fight for Fame and Glory and out-think your opponents to victory! This is a game where strategies count!

Game Features

Elaborate Card-to-Card Interactions
Ever-Growing Card Pool with Already 400++ Different Cards
4 Unique Experiences (PvE Campaigns, PvP Arenas, Co-op Raids, Sealed Skirmishes)
Customizable Commander Cards
Open Card Trading
Community Driven Activities

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About Us

BattleCraft is developed by Proteus Technologies. We are an indie game company comprising of 6 highly dedicated gamers. Our goal is to provide a game that is quick to play, with players having an impact on the direction of the game and storyline. We see our game to be community-driven and engage the community on their insights and experience to make our game better. Your support is greatly appreciated and we look forward to seeing you in the game.