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BattleCraft Frequently Asked Questions 


1. What is BattleCraft?

BattleCraft (BC) is an online trading card game. BC combines collectible cards with a strategy game. Players are given a deck of starting cards and will earn more cards through playing or trading. The game is constantly updated with new cards frequently added.

Players play the role of a Commander that assembles a squad of heroes to suit their individual play style and strategy in the world of Asteras. Players craft their own deck by gathering heroes and mythical creatures from various factions in Asteras.

<to find out more about the gameplay, check out the gameplay FAQ section>

2. Who is the developer of the game?

Proteus Technologies is an indie game developer. With a small but dedicated team, their goal is to produce a game that is fun and quick to play. To contact the team, you can email them at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

3. How do I register for the game?

You have the option of registering for BattleCraft:
○ by  using your facebook account through ‘fconnect’,         


○ by filling in the registration form. You will need to verify your registration through a link sent to your email before logging in for the first time.

You also have the option of merging your email login with fconnect login, so you can login the game via either one. 

4. Do I need to pay for the game?

BattleCraft is a free to play game. You can however, choose to buy membership and receive additional benefits in the game. You can also purchase Hydra Cash as in-game currency to buy card packs and other items. 

5. Do I need to download any application for the game?

No. This is a web-based game. You do not need to download and install any files. To play the game, you need internet browser, Flash Player and internet connection. 

Player Profile

6. How do I change password?

At the game main page, look for PROFILE and go to EDIT PROFILE. You can change your password and save it on this page. 

7. Can I change username?

Once you have set your username (game nick), it is fixed. This is because the system will recognize your username as player’s identification for profile, in-game transaction etc.  

8. Can I delete account?

There is no ‘delete account’ option to prevent accidental wipe of players’ accounts.


9. What set up do I need to play the game?

To play the game, you need internet browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer), Flash Player application and internet line. 

For Internet Explorer, we recommend that players to use IE 8 and above with compatibility view activated.

10. Why is the loading of my game slow?

If you are loading the battle for the first time, it may take awhile for your computer to download the assets. For faster loading of subsequent games, change the Flash player cache storage to unlimited. 

The easiest way to access your Flash settings is to right click at the battlefield page while it is loading and go to ‘Settings’. Set the limit for Local Storage for www.gameshydra.com to unlimited and loading time for subsequent game will be significantly faster. 

11. How do I report a bug?

You can email your bug report to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Feel free to post up your problem on the player’s chat room. Our community leaders may be able to help you resolve the issue.


12. What factions are there in BC?

There are currently five great factions in the world Asteras, not including unaligned characters: 

Alliance - The alliance of the western civilized races led by Knights, consists of humans, dwarves and advanced Karn. 

Chaos - Infernal beings invading Asteras from the realms of chaos. Mighty demons with personal agendas lead creatures of nightmares to spread anarchy in the world.

Twilight - Creatures of the night and underworld. The mysterious twilight council consists of undead, dark elves and other creatures of the night. 

Qabal - A loose coalition of exotic and ancient cultures shrouded in mysticism, prophecy and secrecy. The Qabal consists of desert people, oriental cultures and exotic creatures. 

Nature - Preservers and protectors of the nature. Nature is home to mighty treefolk, beasts, elven guardians and fleeting fae. 

Upcoming faction:

Savage - (Coming Soon) Creatures that believe in the survival of the fittest and might make right. Savage belongs to Orcs, barbarian hordes and ferocious beast.

13. What happens in a BC battle?

Battle in BC has 2 steps 

Step 1: Battle Decision

A battle deck in BC consists of 8 characters and 8 support cards.  When you meet an opponent in battle (in Quick Match, Arena or Campaigns), the system will randomly draw 4 of the 8 characters in the deck for combat. These are the active characters for this battle. The remaining 4 characters will not be used. You can drag the characters cards around to position them for battle and place a support card to each character within the time limit (2.00 minute). The system will randomly assign cards for battle once the time limit is up or if you click on auto-assign.

Step 2: Battlefield

Battle takes place on a Battlefield. 

A battlefield consists of the placements that was done in the battle decision step

To elaborate further on what happen in the battlefield, here is a quick summary of the Battle Sequence.

A battle consists of several rounds.
Each round consists of a preparation phase and several match-ups.

This is what happen during the phases:

Preparation phases 
Ongoing effects are usually checked and activated at this phase


Characters take their turn using abilities and making attacks during a match-up.

In each matchup there are 3 phases whereby different set of abilities are activated: 
Main – activation of pre-combat abilities such as shock, drainbolt and etc. 
Attack – characters launch physical attack.
End – activation of post-combat abilities such as regen, poison and etc.

14. How do you win the game?

You win if you managed to reduce your opponent’s morale to zero or if your characters annihilate the opponent’s deck. In situations whereby characters from both sides are killed off at the same time, the winning conditions are determined first by the players’ remaining morale and then followed by remaining energy. 

15. What does unique tag on the card means?

Each battle deck can only have one copy of a character or support card with the unique tag

16. What does ‘clan’ keyword on an ability means?

Abilities with the ‘clan’ prefix (i.e. Clan: Dodge) requires an ally of the same faction to be in play for it to activate. For example, if you draw Zulfique (Qabal faction) with ‘Clan: Dodge’ ability during play decision, then you will need to have another Qabal in your draw in order to trigger Zulfique’s dodge ability in battle. Otherwise, the ability will be cancelled off during battle.

17. Why am I only meeting the NPCs/bots in battles? Can I meet other players?

You can meet other players in DAILY QUICK MATCH. To meet only players and avoid NPCs, just tick the check box above the Play Now button. However, the number of players you meet varies depending on who is in the game during that time. You can only meet the same player three times per hour (according to server time).  

Or, if you want to battle for fun without affecting your rating, you can opt to send DUELS to other players. Just go to player list under COMMUNITY and you can start sending challenges to other players.

18. What is rating and how can I increase my rating?

Rating is an indication of the player’s strategy skills in battle. You gain rating if you battle with another player and win in QUICK MATCH. However rating will not be calculated if you meet the same player more than three times a day (according to server time). 

You do not get ratings from battling NPCs/bots, campaigns or duels. 


19. How can I start trading cards?

Although you are free to buy cards from MARKETPLACE and receive trade from other players, but you will need to have a Merchant Membership before you can auction cards on MARKETPLACE or send PRIVATE TRADES to other players. 

Please check MEMBERSHIP under SHOPS for more details. For your information, you will automatically receive Merchant Membership when you purchase Hydra Cash for the first time.

20. Is there a fee charged for trading?

Yes, for every successful trade, there will be a 5% deducted automatically by the system from the shards. 


We hope this FAQ guide has been useful. If you have more questions about BattleCraft, please do not hesitate to email us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it